press repair truck

Don't settle for flying someone in with only a briefcase, when you can have a highly trained local technician arrive at your facility with a fully equipped truck. PrintPressPros will get your presses performing at full capacity more quickly, allowing you to get back to business.

Our fully equipped 14,000lbs step van with a large lift gate is our mobile workshop; and it has everything we need to shorten your down time and perform our job as quick as possible. It comes fully stocked with:

  • Screws, nuts, pins, washers of all sizes
  • Replacement parts
  • Every tool necessary to get the job done
  • Drills and reamers
  • And more

press repair truck

This allows us to focus on getting your presses working, rather than running out to get parts and tools. We'll bring absolutely everything needed right to the jobsite, which helps us to keep your costs down and get your presses up and running sooner.